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Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with Workplace Stress

  Workplace stress is a familiar term and reality for many working people. It can be caused by how we’re managed, the continuous changes at work that we find difficult to keep up with, our inability to talk about work pressures to colleagues and our manager. Of course, stress, anxiety, depression are not necessarily symptomatic

Psychotherapy and Counselling for Depression

Depression can be viewed by society as a black cloud, an enemy that has to be fought against. Consequently, when depression hits us we may view ourselves as failures, leading unfulfilling lives, or not able to cope with life and being a burden on friends and family. Our melancholy can manifest itself in many ways;


Helping you consider your relationship issues and get some clarity on how to change your situation for the better.


Better cope with these feelings by talking about the experiences with therapist.


Certain behaviours are determined by unconscious motivations, drives, and instincts usually formed through early experience.


Psychotherapy and counselling is useful in dealing with stress through providing a safe space to explore feelings
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