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Sexual abuse is one of the most devastating and traumatic forms of abuse, since our sexuality is so closely connected with our identity in the world and our sense of self. There are a number of different ways people can be sexually abused.

Many people who were sexually abused suffer with internal conflicts related to their bodies. They may have problems liking their bodies, or parts of their bodies, or enjoying their sexuality. They may experience difficult emotions during sex and be drawn to compulsive behaviour around sex. Sometimes symptoms present as depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, and drug, alcohol or food addictions. Many times sexual abuse survivors struggle in trusting in relationships. Emotions can be misunderstood or unmanaged and feelings of shame are common. Issues around memory of abusive experiences are also common.

Psychotherapy and counselling for sexual abuse helps to move towards a new way of understanding the abusive experiences and help separate past events from who we are, and our value in the world. Through this the person can develop a better sense of control and understanding of emotions.

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Helping you consider your relationship issues and get some clarity on how to change your situation for the better.


Better cope with these feelings by talking about the experiences with therapist.


Certain behaviours are determined by unconscious motivations, drives, and instincts usually formed through early experience.


Psychotherapy and counselling is useful in dealing with stress through providing a safe space to explore feelings
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