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Workplace stress is a familiar term and reality for many working people. It can be caused by how we’re managed, the continuous changes at work that we find difficult to keep up with, our inability to talk about work pressures to colleagues and our manager.

Of course, stress, anxiety, depression are not necessarily symptomatic of work, but personal pressures outside of work which we try and park at the entrance of our workplace, trying not to let it influence our ability to carry out our jobs effectively. However, maintaining this boundary for some people can be difficult and being at work can exacerbate them and in any case if not addressed can become debilitating.

People Management, a magazine widely read by Human Resource professionals, recently carried out an online survey. The results of the surveys showed that 88 % of the respondents reported awareness of stress at work, 85% reported awareness of depression at work, 83% reported awareness of anxiety at work and 63% reported awareness of stress related illness present at work.

Psychotherapy and counselling gives you the opportunity to talk about both your work and home stresses and anxieties together. It gives you the opportunity to freely talk about the impact of various life pressures, including work, on you without being judged. When given the chance to talk about yourself and explore all aspects of you, you can identify what’s quite not right in your life, you can admit to certain aspects of yourself that you either want to change or want to validate and you can work out how best to manage this both at home and at work. You can learn to look after you and your emotional health in a way that’s beneficial to you.

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