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Psychotherapy and Counselling for Loss and Grief

Unbearable feelings of loss can be triggered by the death of people in our lives, separation or breakdown in relationships and the loss of a job or indeed an idea of ones self or future. Our reaction to loss, mourning, can have a profound impact upon us and take many forms. Mourning is a natural

Psychotherapy and Counselling will help to overcome trauma

Psychological trauma occurs when a person witnesses or is involved in a situation which is experienced as seriously physically or psychically threatening. Intense fear, helplessness, loss of control, and fear of annihilation occur when normal defenses to fight or flee are overwhelmed or ineffective. Trauma shatters the very foundation of ones being, bringing into question

Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder that causes feelings of extreme panic, fear, and guilt and compels the sufferer to perform certain actions. When left untreated, OCD can reach frightening levels, impacting on a person’s relationships, home life, and career. The symptoms sufferers may experience may seem bizarre or nonsensical and many sufferers do

Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with addiction

Psychotherapy and counselling encourages people struggling with addiction to talk about their life; the way they feel and what is behind their behaviour. Doing this will enable them to recognise what might have led to their addiction and to change aspects of their behavior. Psychotherapy and counselling explores the addict’s relationships with others. It also

Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most devastating and traumatic forms of abuse, since our sexuality is so closely connected with our identity in the world and our sense of self. There are a number of different ways people can be sexually abused. Many people who were sexually abused suffer with internal conflicts related to

Psychotherapy and Counselling Can Help with Managing Stress

Stress can be overwhelming and stops us from relating and functioning in general. It can be brought on through experiences, short or sustained exposure to some life situations and loss. The symptoms of stress maybe inability to reason and contain anger, panic attacks, social withdrawal, agitation, self-harm and feelings of helplessness. Long term exposure to

Psychotherapy and Counselling Can Help in Overcoming Anxiety

It is common to feel physical as well as psychological symptoms when suffering from anxiety. The most common physical symptoms are: increased heart rate; muscle tension; tingling in hands and feet; breathing problems; nausea and light headedness. Psychotherapy and counselling helps bring thoughts, feelings, motivations, and experiences that we may not be aware of into the

Talking Therapies Help With Depression

Psychotherapy and counselling is based on the assumption that a person is depressed because of unresolved and usually unconscious conflicts, often stemming from early life. The goal of this type of therapy is for the patient to understand and better cope with these feelings by talking about the experiences. Psychotherapy and counselling helps people with depression

What is The Possibility Project London

I founded the Possibility Project London in Kings Cross London in 2014 with the intention of responding to London’s diversity and its unique challenges and opportunities. Put simply I feel that psychological therapies should respond to the needs of the patient and the environment in which they are delivered if they are to optimise outcomes.

What is Life Coaching?

Just as sports coaching enables athletes to hone themselves into the fastest, strongest, most tactical competitors in their disciplines, life coaching helps people from all professional and personal backgrounds improve their strengths and build upon their weaknesses to make the most of their lives. A life coach is not a therapist nor should he or


Helping you consider your relationship issues and get some clarity on how to change your situation for the better.


Better cope with these feelings by talking about the experiences with therapist.


Certain behaviours are determined by unconscious motivations, drives, and instincts usually formed through early experience.


Psychotherapy and counselling is useful in dealing with stress through providing a safe space to explore feelings
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