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Psychotherapy and counselling is based on the assumption that a person is depressed because of unresolved and usually unconscious conflicts, often stemming from early life. The goal of this type of therapy is for the patient to understand and better cope with these feelings by talking about the experiences.
Psychotherapy and counselling helps people with depression through:

  • understanding the behaviours, emotions, and ideas that contribute to his or her depressed state;
  • understanding and identifying the life problems or events that contribute to their depression and help them understand which aspects of those problems they may be able to solve or improve;
  • regaining a sense of control and pleasure in life, and learning coping techniques and problem-solving skills.

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Helping you consider your relationship issues and get some clarity on how to change your situation for the better.


Better cope with these feelings by talking about the experiences with therapist.


Certain behaviours are determined by unconscious motivations, drives, and instincts usually formed through early experience.


Psychotherapy and counselling is useful in dealing with stress through providing a safe space to explore feelings
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