Who We Are

Founded by Michelle Hegarty the Possibility Project is a collaboration of like-minded therapists.

Michelle Hegarty

Michelle Hegarty(BSC, MA, Dip Psych) UKCP 08160125

Michelle is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach registered with the UKCP. Her passionate belief in providing a progressive and creative approach to the therapeutic process that is fit for purpose in a diverse and dynamic city like London led to the foundation of the project.

While working strictly within professional boundaries Michelle takes an individual approach to her work, responding to her patients needs and not being afraid to combine and develop therapeutic techniques.

Michelle has professional qualifications as an Hypnotherapist and Neuro linguistic Practitioner and through this training became interested in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

She undertook a rigorous clinical and academic training gaining a Masters Degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with the Institute of Psychotherapy and Social Studies. This training included a two year placement within the NHS. She has since undertaken training with the NHS to specialise as a Forensic Psychotherapist.

Michelle works in private practice, as a Forensic Psychotherapist for the NHS and in the Education system. She has also held posts as an executive member of and visiting lecturer for Institute for Psychotherapy and Social Studies.

The practice currently has links with a number of Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Life Coaches. Depending on the clients needs and ambitions, expressed in the assessment, a referral will be made to the appropriate therapist.

Please email: info@thepossibilityprojectlondon.org  or call 07968050866 to discuss an initial assessment.

Haleh Pictire

Haleh Parsizadeh (BA, MA, Diploma in Counselling) BACP 082963

Haleh is a Person-Centred Counsellor, committed to offering her clients a warm, down to earth and collaborative therapeutic relationship, so that they are able to talk openly about issues very personal to them. Her aim is to help her clients develop self-understanding and draw on their own internal resources to make changes that are right for them.

Haleh’s interest in supporting and developing people took shape when she started her career in Human Resource Management. Whilst coaching colleagues to help develop their careers and tackle work issues, she realised that the aspect of her job which gave her the most satisfaction was helping the very same colleagues realise their potential not just at work but in their personal lives. This fuelled her desire to train as a Counsellor.

Since then Haleh has completed a Diploma in Person Centred Counselling at the Metanoia Institute. She has completed several long term placements within London based Counselling Agencies and a further 2 years at the Woman’s Trust.

Haleh currently works in private practise in Kings Cross, London. If you are interested in finding out more about her then you can either look her up at www.halehscounsellingroom.co.uk or email her at haleh@halehscounsellingroom.co.uk or all her on 07770 200083


Sheren Picture

Sheren Gaulbert MNCH(Acc), DipCogHyp, HPD, NLP

Sheren is an experienced Coach & Cognitive Hypnotherapist. Trained by the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester of The Quest Institute, she has since assisted him in the training of new Therapists & NLP Practitioners; she was also part of the first team gathering practice-based data, measuring the efficacy of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy.


  • tailors her approach to fit each individual client’s way of thinking and experiencing their issue
  • equips clients with a better understanding of the internal processes that produce their problem
  • reinforces a client’s new learnings by providing them with personalised mp3s, which make lasting changes easier

Sheren is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Pain Education Group.

Sheren’s interest in the human mind was sparked in 1992 when she first worked as a confidence & motivational mentor.

Fifteen years later, following her own triumph over chronic pain and other health issues, Sheren launched The Ultimate You – a company focused on empowering people to breakthrough whatever challenges may be holding them back from living the life they want.

She works with clients one-to-one (in Kings Cross & via Skype), speaks at conferences, runs workshops and short courses in London on confidence & self-esteem, stress & anxiety, goal setting & coaching, managing chronic pain & long-term health issues.

She has developed and integrated coaching strategies for a number of organisations including councils, colleges & charities – improving staff, student and member wellbeing, retention and productivity.

Contact Sheren for a FREE 30min telephone consultation and discuss your needs.

Email: info@the-ultimate-you.com or call either 020 7622 7684 or 07813 563 347. Or to find out more visit: www.the-ultimate-you.com


Alison Picture

Alison Tynan Member of Complimentary Therapists Association

Alison is a skilled and experienced Master Neuro linguistic Practitioner (NLP), Clinical hypnotherapist, and Emotional freedom technique (EFT) practitioner. After a breast cancer and lymph node diagnosis in early 2014, Alison decided to pursue her healing journey. In this new venture she has combined her experience and study of cellular memory, emotional trauma, and neuroscience to understand the body’s ability to self-heal given the right environment.

Amongst many things Alison’s career high lights so far include being the selected Personal Fitness Trainer for Television Programme “Drastic Dieters” as broadcast on the Discovery Channel and has appeared live on Sheffield Hallam FM advising on nutrition and activity which has greatly advanced my presentation skills.

Group Trainer qualified, Alison has experience of working with teams at elite levels and was voluntary Fitness Coach for the Great Britain Women’s Rugby Team in preparation for their tour of New Zealand. With a long history as a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Alison was selected within the top 7 Spinning indoor cycling instructors in the UK and Northern Ireland in 2007 and is trained at international level in “Yoga Boxing “.

Email Alison@innerchoiceshealing.com or call 07818444290


JaneCzyzselska_Photo by HFalconer


Jane Czyzselska, MBACP

I am an integrative counsellor offering psychotherapeutic counselling to clients with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Why choose therapy?

No matter who or where we are in our lives, many of us find ourselves facing challenges that disrupt our sense of emotional wellbeing. Whether we feel we’re in crisis, stuck, depressed or unable to live life to our fullest potential, whether we’re having difficulty in intimate relationships, with friends, at work or with family members, each of us has a unique story that requires an equally unique approach with a qualified and sensitive professional.

How I work

My therapeutic approach is integrative which addresses the whole person (emotional, physical, spiritual) as a unique individual and which draws on a range of theories, notably relational psychoanalysis, body work and object relations and attachment.

My belief is that we heal through relationship, so my hope is that through our time working together I will support you to become more deeply connected to the person you want to be.

It’s easy to lose sight of this fundamental human need if emotional abuse, loss, addiction and others’ disregard for our unique identities make us feel worn down, anxious and overwhelmed.

I offer short and long term weekly counselling sessions of 50 minutes. If you would  occasionally prefer longer sessions of 1 hour 40 mins this may also be possible.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, you can contact me for an initial consultation at czyzselska@gmail.com. `If you’d like to discuss anything with me before you book a consultation, you can call me on 07714087333.


My hourly rate is £50-£70. I also offer lower-cost sessions subject to availability.

I am experienced in working with the following issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sexual and gender identity
  • Relationship issues
  • Emotional abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Addictions
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger management
  • Life purpose
  • Creative blocks
  • Ageing
  • Family issues





Helping you consider your relationship issues and get some clarity on how to change your situation for the better.


Better cope with these feelings by talking about the experiences with therapist.


Certain behaviours are determined by unconscious motivations, drives, and instincts usually formed through early experience.


Psychotherapy and counselling is useful in dealing with stress through providing a safe space to explore feelings
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